Sarah Silverman
and Aziz Ansari.
On the roof of Sarah's apartment building, West Hollywood.

Outtakes and published shots from an Interview Magazine spread, shot in December 2009 for the August 2010 issue.

Paul Fortune and Paul Jasmin.
At the Dame's house in Laurel Canyon and in the studio on El Centro.

Kevin West.
At home up on Green Valley Road, Laurel Canyon.

Spike Jonze.
In the alley, outside of the studio on El Centro.

Bret Easton Ellis.
In his apartment in West Hollywood.

Kate Mulleavy, Laura Mulleavy, Shirley Kurata, and me.
At Shirley's birthday party, her house, Silver lake.

Nicole and Jacob Soboroff.
At their home in Silver lake.

Jessica de Ruiter and Lawren Howell.
At Jess's home in Silver lake.

Jenny Le.
At Opening Ceremony's accessory shop, West Hollywood.

Gabe Doppelt.
Outside of Ammo restaurant in Hollywood.

Daniel Pipski, Erin Zimring, Juniper and Felix Pipski.
At their home in Bronson Canyon.

Elvis Mitchell.
The Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax.

Dimitri Dimitrov.
At the Tower Bar, West Hollywood.

Bryan Lourd.
In his office at Creative Artists Agency, Century City.

Jason Schwartzman and Brady Cunningham.
At their home, in the valley.

Bettina Korek.
At The Counter at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Michelle Williams.
At her friends house in Whitley Heights, Los Angeles.

Amanda Peet and Tina Chai.
At the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills.


Michael Fenton.

Shot for Opening Ceremony's blog and otherwise. 2007-2010.

Michael Vasquez.

Andrew Lee.

Alex Foullon.

Andrew Hobey.

Jiha Lee.

Olga Nazarova.